About company

This section will show you Crypto Finance Group’s brief history and of last 10 years of its existence.

About company

Upon selecting points for applying the investments the company has to analyze the general profit-earning capacity and promising outlook of the type of activity where the company is intended to operate. In order to avoid risks of unjustified expenses it is crucial that company’s management takes only considered and well reasoned actions.
Crypto Finance Group saves and secures any information on the cryptocurrency in terms of studying today’s investment markets, whether it’s news from mass media, specialists’ opinions and exchange bulletins, events of economic and political life which relate or can have any impact on cryptocurrency market development.

Besides, we are studying average prices, minimum and maximum purchase and sale prices, number of transactions on types of cryptocurrencies, average volume of transactions, share indexes which are fairly known as main indicators of financial market. We are also carrying out a cryptocurrency market analysis of fundamental type, with situation monitoring in terms of any economic factor, decreasing the supply or increasing demand for any cryptocurrency will result in price increasing and vice versa, any factor, increasing the supply and decreasing the demand for any cryptocurrency usually results in accumulation of supply resources and drop in price.

We closely follow the dynamics of supply-and-demand balance applying the model of cryptocurrency market development model in its studies, simulating any given factors and developing different scenario of outcome, studying figures of uncovered positions and total volume of cryptocurrency trade operations. Only this approach of handle transactions at the cryptocurrency market allows our company correctly and wisely distributes investment money.

Besides general studies, we carry out an analysis of macroeconomic factors using intellectual capacity of our personnel. In particular, we always control factors that directly impact transaction volatility. This means capitalization of any cryptocurrency. One could look through some statistic information at http://coinmarketcap.com/ concerning the capitalization issues, to notice the obvious fact, that you should not distribute all your efforts for more than five-six types of cryptocurrencies.

The capitalization of other objects of investment has no commercial interest for our company. Thus the Company management occasionally creates internal rating of cryptocurrencies, which are more suitable for carrying out of exchange speculative operations. The main factors that our specialists take into consideration are, for example recording of supply-and-demand balance, analysis of prices indexes, volumes of sale and purchase, assessment of competitive environment, studying of reasons of growth and drop of price level, volumes of supply and demand, as well as capitalization. All of these efforts, analytic activity and moderate aggressive interventions into international exchange markets are targeted at creation of maximum comfort conditions for cooperation with our company.

For many years we’ve been working on creating a powerful research-and-technology database that became reliable ground for our business. Dealing with investment funds we realize the responsibility that is placed upon us by our investors entrusting us with their money. That is why we are taking all efforts to avoid drawdowns. That is why in order not to be dependent on some objective factors, that somewhat impact trade session results we widely apply diversification of investment lines, using the second type of our activity.

Besides cryptocurrencies operations on the stock exchange, we also use asset-or-nothing option trades in our activity. This type of investment distinguished by high level of transaction reliability in case of correct and wise use of feed data available. Crypto Finance Group investment company demonstrates stable rates in asset-or-nothing option trades to a large extent because of unification of its approaches to transaction analysis. As well as with cryptocurrencies transactions, we apply methods of market analysis, which allow our specialists to close faultless transactions, ensuring our clients only positive results of trade sessions.

While trading by asset-or-nothing options we widely use practices of cooperation with best world specialists in this field. Using equal information partnership on mutually advantageous conditions with our partners in Europe and China and applying the most modern trade platforms, we incrementally move forward, creating high margin and reliable sources of income in long term for our clients without looking for tendencies in international economics.                                        

This means that we do not depend on downtrends in economics. We do not depend on e.g. energy products current quotations or on steel quotations. Our business cannot impact on results of our activity, build in such manner, that foreign economic trends and mass manipulations on the stock exchange. World’s exchange trends disconnection makes our business and investment proposals very attractive from the point of view of our target customers.

We can perform all financial operations at any stock exchange of the world, relating to cryptocurrencies and asset-or-nothing options trades, because we are legally incorporated with Australian Investment company. That is precisely why we can carry out our activity at the international level, rendering or investment services to clients from any country of the world. But in our activity we prefer certain stock exchanges. By virtue of certain factors that determine specific character of our activity, and also in connection with the fact that such stock exchanges are most influential and profitable in the world.

Here are some of the stock exchanges:          

https://www.btcc.com/, https://vircurex.com/, https://btc-e.com/, https://c-cex.com/, https://bittrex.com/, https://www.bitfinex.com/ and other promising operators, providing their sites for cryptocurrencies trade operations. Besides cryptocurrencies exchange stock, we practice exchange operations of other trade platforms. This is caused by necessity to perform asset-or-nothing options trades.

Flexibility in adoption of strategic decisions – this is what distinguishes Crypto Finance Group from their business rivals. We can adapt to any conditions or situation. But there is also something that will remain unchanged – generating of steady high revenue for our clients.

Providing broad investment opportunities, Crypto Finance Group is becoming the leader in the world cryptocurrency trading market and asset-or-nothing options trades.

The successful activity during the last ten years shows how to become the field leader and have a positive influence on economics development and social and economics international connections. We are the proof that you can do more than possible, if you work really hard towards the goal. We aren’t just trying to become the leaders, we ARE the leaders who feel confident about the future. Cooperating with our company, you can always be sure, that investments funds that your entrust us with are in good hands under the reliable protection of our technological innovations and it will bring a strong revenue stream, being led by our highly-skilled professionals.

Should you decide to work with our company, it will mean for you only one thing – You became a member of a team that can change our future for the better.

Management of international standard, unique methods of studying investment markets and worldwide recognition here are the key points that give a full freedom for creative approach in carrying out investments and are guarantees of new and perspective stages of mutual cooperation.