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Our mission is

to influence the development of the cryptocurrencies. Bitcoins, to be specific. We create opportunities for popularization of the cryptocurrencies and mining around the world.

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Our benefits

One of our advantages is that we guarantee absolute confidentiality of every deal targeted at investments related with cryptocurrencies.

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Activities direction

Maximum focusing on getting the profit from the investments working on cryptocurrency market.

Guaranteed profit up to 4.1%

4.1 daily profit

# The Firstacquaintance

2.9 daily profit

# Beginingto understand

1.7 daily profit

# MasterBitcoin Master

1.9 daily profit

# GuruCrypto Guru

About company

Upon selecting points for applying the investments the company has to analyze the general profit-earning capacity and promising outlook of the type of activity where the company is intended to operate. In order to avoid risks of unjustified expenses it is crucial that company’s management takes only considered and well reasoned actions.

Crypto Finance Group saves and secures any information on the cryptocurrency in terms of studying today’s investment markets, whether it’s news from mass media, specialists’ opinions and exchange bulletins, events of economic and political life which relate or can have any impact on cryptocurrency market development.



  • How does the company’s activity conform to international legislation and Australian legislation?
    • Crypto Finance Group is officially registered in full correspondence with Australian Laws and conforms international Laws while rendering service to non-residents clients of our country. You can look through documents, confirming the legal character of our activity in the section “About Company”.

  • What are the Company’s services, rendered to its clients?
    • Crypto Finance Group renders consulting services of in the field of online investment to its clients as well as information services. Besides, Crypto Finance Group renders services on trust management of investment money.

  • Very often investments are closely fraught with some risks. How does Crypto Finance Group deal with these matters?
    • One should not worry about these matters if work with us. Because we already have found necessary approaches and solutions, which make investment with us absolutely safe. Dealing with investments money we are aware of the responsibility that is placed upon us by investors, entrusting us with their money. That is why we do our best to avoid any drawdowns. More information about our technological and marketing solutions, as well as information about our investment offers can be found in the “About Us” and “Investments” sections.

  • One of the service types rendered by you is trust management of investment money. Why do you want to share the profit by managing someone else’s mo...
    • The most important thing for the company is extension and growth of our influence at the cryptocurrencies market and in the field of asset-or-nothing option trades. We would like to permanently increase our influence on this investment streams as much as possible. In order to solve this problem in a maximum efficient way we have to have floating capital as large as it could possibly be.

      That is why the company is ready to pay good money as interest accruals to all interested clients for participating in the program, considering this as amicable, mutually beneficial process of cooperation, and within this process each party of receives what it wants. We receive new opportunities of growth and development, clients receive stable income from invested money, far exceeding the speed of inflationary spiral. It’s a win-win situation.